10 4th of July Celebration Ideas

It’s time to celebrate America’s birthday! Tourists rush to Mount Rushmore to watch historical reenactments and take a selfie with the founding fathers. Pyromaniacs head to New York and DC to watch glorious fireworks. Coastal crowds stick to Californian beaches and stunning waterfront views. Survivalists go into the wilds of Alaska and celebrate the fact that despite global overpopulation, ‘Murica still got plenty of space to live off the grid. Here are some ideas for you to have a fun Independence Day.

1. Camp

We should all be glad that America’s independence was not declared in winter. July means camping and outdoor celebrations and throwing Mystical Fire colorants into the bonfire. After all, hotels will be fully booked. So grab your spot in a scenic national park before it’s too late! Want to keep your communications online while far away from the city? SunTrack Technology Solar Charger will not let your phone, GoPro, or iPad power off for the whole weekend.


2. Mind the Dress Code

While this Fourth of July everybody may still be excited about marriage equality, Independence Day’s predominant colors are red, white and blue– with special appreciation for stars and stripes.


3. Grill Everything!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.38.13 AM

Flip those burgers like there’s no tomorrow!

4. Bring on the Classics!


May Bruce Springsteen and Johny Cash be with you on a beach gathering or camping trip. Rain, sun or sand – nothing will kill our Rage Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker while you party all night.

5. Play Gandalf with Fireworks


Just read the safety instructions.

6. Drinking Games


This will come up sooner or later, so research the latest drinking game trends online to declare yourself the party guru.

7. American Beer


What better way to show you patriotism other than with some fine domestic alcohol?

8. Shopping!


A lot of stores will offer crazy discounts on Fourth of July.

9. Road Trip


For America’s birthday, visit some place in the country you’ve never been before. Flights are overpriced, so it’s a perfect time for a road trip!

10. Baseball


Whether you’re playing or watching, you’ve gotta give America’s favorite pastime a go this holiday weekend!

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