10 Essentials to Make the Most of Your Music Fest Weekend

Summer is the season of festivals, and most dedicated music lovers spend  these months hopping between their favorite raves and working on their professional festival-goer status. Every newbie is guaranteed to have (at some point) a moment of deep regret over ordinary things they didn’t bring along. Use our list of essential festival items as a reference and take the packing business seriously!NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 24: A photographer poses during the 2012 Governors Ball Music Festival at Randall's Island on June 24, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

You are here to listen to music but also keep your eardrums safe and sound. Unless you enjoy the buzzing and ringing left in your head after festival, get earplugs. Preferably, quality ones rather than the cheap stuff from the drug store. Also, they muffle the snoring of those drunk friends of yours in the tent next door.blackberry-girl-nails-phone-red-favim-com-121605

Whether you come to the festival with friends or bounce in and start hanging out with some people you met while queueing to the toilet, it will be hard to keep in touch without a phone. Moreover, how else would you share those great festive Instagram selfies with the internet world? Calling and texting are still considered acceptable ways to communicate with friends, but modern cool kids use apps like Circle or GroupMe to coordinate the festival lineup, food breaks and hangout sessions with their buddies. This way you will always easily find each other in the crowd.

Additionally, it is always handy to pre-install festival’s official app with artists’ profiles and upcoming performances, look up weather forecast for the day, or download a camping cookbook for dummies.

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With all that social coordination and online browsing, your phone battery will soon head into death mode, leaving you alone in an offline life. At the end of the day, when you decide to recharge your GoPro, smartphone, or tablet, SOLAR:7  will be sitting there, waiting for you to harvest the energy of the sun.CamelBak-in-The-Office

Staying hydrated will prevent you from getting a heatstroke and spending the rest of the festival with an excruciating headache. Camelbaks are perfect for festivals because they provide just enough space to store water, phone, wallet and other small valuables.tumblr_inline_net5jahHeJ1smwejj

Just imagine how great it feels to not have blisters on your feet!alone-couple-girl-hair-hoodie-Favim.com-54263

Yes, it is the middle of summer season, but you will see a few sad party people who forgot to bring a jacket. It gets chilly at night, and you better be ready.Amanda Coumbos brushes her teeth from the back of a van in the Gorge camping grounds during the first first day of the Sasquatch music festival. Brushing teeth is and baby wipes becomes the most important thing in upkeeping personal hygiene while camping at the festival.

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, baby powder, extra large roll of TP – you name it. The festival’s going to be a sweaty mess and there is nothing you can do about it. You can just try smelling a little bit better than others.Front view portrait of a woman with sun cream on her face

The sun will power your solar charger, but you should probably stay away from direct sunlight. Bring sunblock to protect yourself from turning into fried chicken, carry sunglasses and hat to reduce the chance of a heatstroke, and use canopy to make an afternoon shelter.SONY DSC

Band-Aids, stomach pills, flashlights to avoid falling into a ditch at night. In addition to these old-school items, consider installing a safety app on your smartphone. One of them is DanceSafe a peer-based app to keep you safe on a busy night out, providing info about drugs, intoxication, and emergency care.ad848d79-451c-4c05-83ff-4b4b48399f1f

No, for the love of reason, not a ship. We mean those small items that express your personality and make up for a great ice breaker when you meet new people. Wear funny makeup or a remarkable t-shirt, a bizarre wig or a ninja outfit. Give others a good reason to approach you and strike up a conversation. Not everyone can be a social butterfly, so be a social flower that attracts butterflies. Be that fixer who always has their pockets full of random useful items and saves the day for the less-prepared festival newbies.

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