Best place to go camping in California

One of the most fascinating vacation activities is camping in an exotic place that you have never been before. There are a lot of exciting places to choose from in the USA, with each state having a variety of vacationing spots. In California, the expansive Big Basin Redwoods State Park, 22 miles from Santa Cruz, is probably the best place that one can go and have exhilarating fun in the wild. Read more

Emergency Kits: What Should Be in them?

Sadly to say, most of us are forced to admit we are totally ignorant and thoroughly unprepared to know what to do, or what resources are needed to su

rvive any type of disaster. Also sadly to say, those preparing in advance of a disaster may be accused of being a “gloom and doom” chaser, always expecting the worst. Think of it in a different way. Think of it as “seeing life as it really is”: the unexpected and the unwanted DOES happen – so be prepared! Read more