10 Types of People You’ll Meet on the Trail

If you go hiking a lot, you've probably met someone from all of these categories. Which one best describes you?

1The exercise junkie. This guy or girl is mostly there for the workout. They can usually be seen doing something absurd and unnecessary like carrying a 30 pound boulder, or completing the entire trail with lunges. “If you aren’t drenched in sweat, then why are you even hiking?”

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Have You Discovered What’s New in the Tech World?

There are many new tech products to keep an eye on this year. As CES recently held their annual conference, many cool gadgets came out, such as the Urb-E electric scooter and the Onewheel. Here is a short list of innovative products to look forward to in 2014.

1. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
This is especially cool since we also work with solar powered products. The keyboard charges itself through sunlight, and stays charged for more than 3 months in total darkness!


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Best Trails in San Diego

It’s another sunny day with a light breeze in San Diego, meaning another great day for hiking! If you’re not quite sure about what trail to go for, check out our recommendations.

Best Ocean View – Torrey Pines
This hike is great for beginners, or people who just want to enjoy a great view while hiking. There are a few different trails to choose from, and the best part is that you can end at the beach. So why not combine a hiking and beach day?

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