5 Motivating Workout Apps

The scent of sunscreen and saltwater is filling the air, and you know what that means! Summer is just around the corner, and its bringing bonfires, BBQs, and ….bathing suits (insert horror movie music here). While summer is the most anticipated season by most people, there is that tiny bit of terror that comes with the idea of wearing tiny napkin triangles as clothing. Read more

10 Gadgets You Need to Survive the 21st Century

The 21st century is going to be a very fast paced century where time will fly by. To make the most of your time and increase your productivity, you'll need these ten gadgets to ensure you survive through the 21st century. They'll make life a lot easier and keep you in the loop!                                                                      

 Pebble_watch_cycling_410. The SmartWatch
There are many different brands that produce smartwatches, including i’m Watch, Pebble, and Sony. These watches have many different uses, whether you want one for running, biking, everyday use, or something else. You can use them for social media, remembering appointments, listening to music, timing yourself, measuring your speed etc.


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