How To Pack Like A Pro

Travel is a one of the most amazing experiences anyone can have. We’ve all heard of the horror stories that come with traveling and, although we know our fellow StrongVolt family is no novice when it comes to adventure, we thought we’d give you a quick guide to what really matters when prepping for your trip

1. Stay Organized

There’s a long to-do list when it comes to traveling. Coordinating lodging, pickup/dropoffs, places to visit, what to eat, staying safe, and the list goes on and on and on….

So stay on top of your task and keep everything neatly categorized by creating a calendar, a to-do list, and a keeping a notebook. Don’t expect to keep everything in your head. You might get lots of travel tips and think you’ll remember it all, only to overwhelm yourself with the common case of forgetfulness. We’re all for spontaneity, but to make the most of your trip you’ve gotta at least make a rough itinerary.

2. Think Light

No you don’t need a new outfit every night and all those just-in-case items. Check out the weather, refer back to your aforementioned itinerary, and MIX&MATCH like your life depends on it!

3. Plan Ahead

If you’re want to get some sick footage during your expedition, take an extra battery pack. If you’re going on long hikes, take a water bottle. If you’re going to be out in a remote location, take a map. Get it? Don’t let your trip turn into a painful experience because of easy problems that could be solved before they even happen. If you’re anything like everyone in the world, you’ll want to keep your phone charged to stay connected and upload your best Instagrams yet so don’t forget to pack your Solar7 or PowerBank

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