How to use a Solar Charger to charge a USB Device

StrongVolt Solar Chargers work with your phone, tablet, GPS or any USB chargeable device wherever you go. Keep your phone or USB device fully charged anywhere there is sun.

1. Open solar charger and angle it towards the Sun.
2. Plug the USB cable that came with your device into the female USB port on the solar charger (Fig A) 3. Leave the solar charger in direct sunlight as long as possible or until your device is fully charged.
4. Cover your phone, tablet or device to protect it from direct sunlight while charging.
5. Once charging is completed fold up solar panel and store for later use.
6. OPTIONAL: Use carabiner clips to hang solar charger from a backpack, chair, tent etc.





1. This solar charger does not store power, it produces power with the sun to charge your phone, tablet or other devices’ internal battery.
2. This charger connects to your phone, tablet or other device via a USB port. This is the same type of port on your computer or laptop where you can plug in your phone.
3. This charger works best when directly facing the sun. Be sure to re-adjust the solar panels position as the sun moves across the sky.

Charging iPhones, iPads and other USB Powered Phones, Tablets and Devices:
Take the male end of the USB plug that you would normally insert into your computer or wall adapter and insert it into the solar panels female USB port.

– My Device is not charging
– Is there strong sunlight in the sky? Try using another USB cable to see if that works- the cable that comes with your device is usually the best.    See if any dirt in in the USB connector, if so, clean it out.
– “Charger not supported” or “not charging” error on my iPhone or iPad
– This might be due to the lack of strong sunlight or not using the official Apple charging cable. This error also does not mean that your device is not charging- try this simple test: Put the solar charger and phone or tablet outside for one hour and monitor the change in battery percentage. Even with the “charger not supported” message, the battery should go up in percentage.

Care & Maintenance
StrongVolt’s solar chargers are water-resistant, but we do not recommend exposing them to weather for a long period of time. Some light rain, dust or other elements should not affect their charging ability.

Cleaning the solar panels on your charger will increase it’s power output and charge your devices faster.